Two more cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection confirmed in Lithuania


2020 03 11


The Ministry of Health has reported that two new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) had been identified in Lithuania, as confirmed by National Public Health Care Laboratory test results obtained late in the evening on 10 March.

As specified at a press conference held on 11 March, a middle-aged couple from Kaunas fell ill after returning from a skiing holiday in Italy (Veneto region) on 7 March.

The couple reportedly returned by car, reported themselves to the National Public Health Centre and followed recommendations; having felt fever, they called an emergency number and were taken to Kaunas Clinical Hospital where they were given the required assistance and tests were done. Intensive care is not required at present.

These new cases have triggered an epidemiological investigation. According to preliminary data, two close contacts – the couple’s relatives – were identified. Having assessed suitability of conditions, they were isolated at home and are monitored.