U.S.-Lithuania Joint Press Release on Energy Security Cooperation


2011 07 01


The Governments of the United States and Lithuania reaffirm their strong bilateral partnership and close cooperation, and recommit to strengthen energy security in promoting energy diversification efforts in the Baltic Sea region. Lithuania has taken a leading role in promoting regional energy security cooperation in several key energy diversification and market liberalization initiatives, including a regional nuclear power plant, new opportunities for liquefied natural gas, and energy interconnectors within the Baltic Sea region. Lithuania has also been a leader in the implementation of the European Union’s Third Energy Package.

The United States and Lithuania recognize the crucial importance of the region’s shared interest in enhancing energy efficiency and diversifying energy sources through the development of clean, safe, and sustainable energy sources. Such energy sources include nuclear energy, LNG, domestic unconventional oil and gas, and renewable energy. Both countries underline the importance of the IAEA nuclear safety standards and international nuclear safety obligations, including those in the Convention on Nuclear Safety.

The United States and Lithuania realize the promise domestic unconventional oil and gas hold for our future and the importance of fully developing and utilizing these resources in an environmentally responsible manner. Representatives of the Republic of Lithuania and of the United States participated in the Global Shale Gas Initiative (GSGI) Conference in Washington DC in August 2010. We look forward to continuing to cooperate on areas such as shale gas. Both the Lithuanian government and industry leaders are comprehensively exploring the opportunities for unconventional oil and gas in Lithuania.

The United States and Lithuania intend to work together to promote safe and stable energy supplies and to encourage the development of energy projects leading to diversified and a liberalized energy market. Both countries intend to identify potential opportunities to further enhance cooperation and trade and investment in the energy sector. The governments of the United States and Lithuania are pleased that American firms are being considered to participate in the implementation of these important projects.