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2010 12 21
Kubilius and Netanyahu: shared values and shared approach to world security

Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius and the official delegation have met with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamine Netanyahu. The meeting has basically focused on the pending threat of radicalism in the Middle East and in the world, as well as joint efforts to mitigate the threats in the context of Lithuania's chairmanship over the OSCE and later the EU by including the threat of radicalism on the EU agenda.

2010 12 21
Israeli President: Lithuania is very close to our hearts

Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius continues his official visit to Israel. This morning, the Lithuanian Prime Minister has been welcomed by Israeli President Shimon Peres. During the meeting, President Peres has said that Lithuania is very close to Israel, and its heart. "Lithuania is important for our country's history. Vilnius with its warm Jewish community is very important for our nation."- said President S. Peres.

2010 12 21
Andrius Kubilius: the pain of Holocaust is Lithuania’s pain too

Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius and the official delegation visited the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem, centre for research, commemoration, documentation and education of the Holocaust. Following the tour round the exposition, Prime Minister Kubilius laid a wreath at the Hall of Remembrance with all the names of massacre sites and mass graves imprinted on the floor. Sadly, Lithuania’s Ponery (Paneriai) is listed there too.

2010 12 21
Prime Minister invites leading Israeli high-tech companies to invest in Lithuania

Continuing his official visit to Israel, Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius, attended a round table discussion with the executives of largest Israeli IT companies. The meeting took place in the premises of the company RAD Data Communications, a telecommunications and database management solutions leader in Israel, uniting 15 companies. The discussion was moderated by Zohar Zisapel, Chairman of the Board of RAD Data Communications.

2010 12 20
Andrius Kubilius: Common history serves a foundation for the development of good present and future relations

At the Tel Aviv Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, the Prime Minister met with the management, teachers and students of this prestigious university. In his introductory speech, the University President Prof. Uriel Reichman talked about a number of common things that the two nations share. "Both nations fought hard for their independence, identity, language and traditions.

2010 12 17
Next year Lithuanian Citizens, the Victims of the Holocaust, will be commemorated
in Lithuania

The year 2011 were declared the Year of Remembrance of the Lithuanian Citizens, the Victims of the Holocaust. Victims of the Holocaust, rescuers of Jews and Lithuanian citizen who fought against the Nazi will be commemorated by organizing remembrance events, implementing commemoration and awareness-raising projects. Moreover, efforts will be made to reconstruct as well as commemorate historical and cultural heritage of Lithuanian Jews next year.

2010 10 25
Spanish and Lithuanian heads of governments see much space to improve cooperation

On his working visit to Spain, Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius met with Spain’s Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. The meeting focused on the economy, energy, and the European Union Eastern Partnership. The counterparts shared their experience as regards economic downturn, consolidation of public finances and economic incentives, and agreed on the need to pursue tight fiscal policies. The two Prime Ministers pointed out that the European Union's economic and financial policy must be united and effective so as to enable Europe to compete in the global market.

2010 10 25
Prime Minister meets Spanish energy and telecommunications giants and addresses academic community at university in Madrid

Having started his visit to the Kingdom of Spain on Sunday, Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius, had a working dinner with representatives of energy company Iberdrola, who expressed interest in all the major energy projects undertaken in our country, and had high regard of Lithuania's independent energy strategy. Iberdrola has already been cooperating with Lithuania in building a new unit of “Lietuvos elektrinė” in Elektrėnai.

2010 10 11
Prime Minister: Baltic countries will be able to cach up with Scandinavia
provided they do their homework

Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius and his delegation are on a working visit to Helsinki (Finland). During his meeting with Finnish Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi, the Prime Minister exchanged views on bilateral relations, economy, energy, regional security, the consequences of the crisis and ways to overcome them; they also discussed future financial prospects.

2010 10 08
Prime Minister‘s visit to Finland seeks stronger economic ties

Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius and the delegation are leaving on a working visit to Helsinki (Finland) on 10-11 October. "This is another attempt towards investment by the economic diplomacy that has by now proven very successful. The main focus of the meetings: strengthening of economic ties, particularly in energy, transport and high technology. We are steadfast in pursuing our strategic direction towards establishing ourselves as a high-tech and information technology services hub for Nordic-Baltic region,"- Prime Minister describes the objectives of the future visit.

2010 10 07
Government approves of Lithuania‘s energy independence strategy

Developments in the energy sector, the closure of the Ignalina nuclear power plant, increased dependency on the constantly rising prices of natural gas: all these factors have led to the need to update the National Energy Strategy. The Government has approved the National Energy Strategy, which is known as Lithuania`s energy independence strategy, drawn up by the Ministry of Energy. It aims at the following three targets.

2010 10 05
ASEM: Prime Minister in favour of sound budget policy and deficit cuts

Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius has spoken during the morning session of the Asia-Europe summit (ASEM) in Brussels. The ASEM morning session was devoted to the sustainable development. In his speech, Prime Minister Kubilius returned to the topic of the global crisis. “Not us, not Lithuania caused the crisis, but we are responsible for dealing with the current situation as soon and as smoothly as possible”, said Kubilius, adding that it is essential to “learn the lesson of the present crisis and to be ready for times of global trouble that might come in the future”. Sound budget policy and hard work in cutting deficit are the major measures of successful performance, according to the Prime Minister.

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