Who to contact if...

Relevant website links for queries in the following areas:

  • Independent management of reinstated deposits, coordination of the EU financial support, state investment, taxes, charges, insurance contributions, insurance companies, credit and financial institutions, state budget: (or [email protected])
  • Taxes, declarations, excise duties, refunding, etc: (or [email protected])
  • Military service in the armed forces of Lithuania, armed forces of Lithuania, NATO activities, etc: (or [email protected]).
  • Museums, libraries, activities of art, cinema and other organisations, working conditions and salary payment for art and culture workers: (or [email protected]).
  • Pensions, social insurance, social assistance benefits, social assistance to families and children, children’s rights, adoption, etc: (or [email protected]).
  • Social insurance, sick leave, maternity (paternity) leave, allocation and calculation of state social insurance pensions, etc: or [email protected]).
  • Occupational safety, labour disputes, working time record, leave, Labour Code provisions, salaries, illegal work, etc: (or [email protected] , [email protected]).
  • Cargo and passenger transport services, water, railway, and air transport, rules of the road, road construction and maintenance, communications, etc: (or [email protected])
  • Health care institutions, salary payment for health care employees, health care reform, quality of health care services, treatment abroad, refundable medicine, etc: (or [email protected]).
  • Health insurance, medical rehabilitation, nursing, medical examination, refundable medicine, health care facilities, refunding of compensatory equipment acquisition expenses, etc: (or [email protected])
  • Education reform, education establishments, research and education institutions, working conditions and salary payment for teachers, etc: (or [email protected]).
  • Legal information, state legal support, support for victims of crime, legal education, judges, bailiffs, notaries, legal consultations, etc: (or [email protected]).
  • Diplomatic representations and consulates of the Republic of Lithuania, EU institutions, travel abroad, document legitimisation, international cooperation, etc: (or [email protected]) .
  • Lithuania’s economy, EU support, industry, energy, business, internal market, export, import, tourism, etc: (or [email protected]).
  • Central governance, public security, law enforcement, state border protection, emergencies, civil protection, public administration, self-government, public service, public servants, etc: (or [email protected]).
  • Residence reporting, personal identity documents, citizenship, travel documents, residence permits, visas, asylum, etc: (or [email protected]).
  • Land, food, farmers, agricultural enterprises, agricultural companies, fishing farms, rural development, EU support, etc: (or [email protected]).
  • Land management and administration, land reform, land restitution, use of state land fund, land management institutions, land survey, etc: (or [email protected]).
Last updated: 01-02-2021