Lithuania to allocate additional 10 million Euros to National Bank of Ukraine for emergency rebuilding


2022 07 05


Ukraine did not postpone reforms until victory is achieved over Russia, which launched a devastating war, but has accelerated them to rebuild an even better Ukraine, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė stated in the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano, noting that it is now the turn of Ukraine's friends and partners to prove that we can swiftly shift from discussions to actions.

‘When Lithuania hosted the Ukraine Reform Conference last year, no one imagined that today we’d be meeting amid Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine and the democratic world.

I commend our hosts–Switzerland–and Ukraine for transforming this format into a kick-starter for our joint effort on the recovery of Ukraine. And I bow my head to the Ukrainian authorities, public and private sectors, and the incredible civil society for your stamina, unity, and resolve not to postpone the reforms until after the victory but to accelerate them, deliver results, and rebuild better’, said Prime Minister Šimonytė in the conference in Lugano.

Head of the Government of Lithuania emphasized that the rebuilding of Ukraine has already started – on every inch of land it reclaimed from the enemy.

According to Prime Minister, the most adequate and just way to generate the financing is to seize and use Russia’s assets frozen under the sanctions.

‘We can’t resurrect the people Russia killed, but we have a real chance to make the aggressors pay reparations. Because for once, these assets are kept in our banks and moored on our shores. I call on the EU and all the non-EU states that imposed sanctions to establish a legal mechanism for asset seizure and make sanctions really work!’ said Prime Minister.

Second, we must put together detailed action plans on how each of our countries and organisations may contribute to rebuilding a reformed Ukraine.

‘Finally, we must continue and speed up military, humanitarian, and financial aid–for Ukraine to win this war faster. The volume of Lithuania’s bilateral assistance to Ukraine and support to Ukrainian refugees in our country is over half a billion Euros.

Lithuania will transfer an additional 10 million Euros to the National Bank of Ukraine for emergency rebuilding. Lithuania will support Ukraine until your victory and ours! And beyond. Слава Украïнi!’ said Ms Šimonytė.