Bilateral Lithuanian-French relations discussed


2021 04 09


Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has had a remote conversation with Ambassador of the French Republic Claire Nathalie Marie Lignieres-Counathe, and has discussed the pandemic management, economic and political cooperation, and security.

‘The Government is making every effort to prevent a possible new wave of pandemics. It is important that the country receives the amount of vaccines that has been provided for in the contracts. The joint procurement path chosen by the European Union has been the right one, and we must strictly adhere to it. Lithuania allows municipalities that are able to vaccinate faster to borrow vaccines from each other. A similar system could be applied to the EU member states,’ said Šimonytė.

It has been noted that Lithuania is holding active counsel with the European Commission on the implementation of reforms recommended by the EU. They are important for energy efficiency, digitalisation, and breakthroughs in education, science, and innovation.

On bilateral relations, it has been stated that Lithuania and France are strategic partners. The countries share many interests in the fields of environmental protection, renewable energy, energy research and development, innovation, human rights and democracy, and security and defence.

The Prime Minister has thanked France for its contribution to the security of the region. The presence of NATO’s allies in the region is vital, as security challenges persist. Russia remains aggressive, building up and modernising capabilities in the neighbourhood, and organising anti-NATO exercises. Russia’s political and military influence in Belarus is growing. The EU must strongly support the people of Belarus in their quest for an independent state.