Chancellor of the Government met with heads of International Red Cross Country Cluster Delegation and of Lithuanian Red Cross


2022 07 27


On July 27, Chancellor of the Government Giedrė Balčytytė has met with Stephane Michaud, Head of Country Cluster Delegation for Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, and Kristina Meide, Head of the Lithuanian Red Cross, to discuss the situation of Ukrainians who fled their country as a result of Russia’s war in Ukraine, also the support they are getting, and the involvement of non-governmental organisations in this regard. Lithuania’s readiness to properly respond to crises has also been discussed.

Chancellor of the Government Giedrė Balčytytė has thanked the Red Cross for the close involvement and regular assistance in coping with different situations in the country.

‘In the face of aggression, Lithuania stands with Ukraine, supporting it as much as it can; and the role of non-governmental organisations is very important in this respect, and we very much hope to continue our effective cooperation,’ said the Chancellor, adding that the recent crises have brought forward the need to pay more attention to the reinforcement of the system of crisis and emergency management, and ensure appropriate preparedness and effective cooperation between various institutions and organisations.

To make sure that the mechanism is coordinated, flexible and focused on the best result, the Government has submitted proposals to set up a new National Crisis Management Centre at the Office of the Government. The Centre, which will operate as the main coordinating body for crisis management at the state level, will start off early next year.