Chancellor of the Government met with OSCE Secretary General


2022 06 22


On Tuesday, Chancellor of the Government Giedrė Balčytytė met with Secretary General of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Helga Maria Schmid, who is visiting Lithuania, to discuss the role of the organisation in the wake of the Russian war against Ukraine as well as resilience of democratic societies against disinformation.

‘Russia has been attacking the values of democratic countries for a long time, ultimately–via the invasion of Ukraine–targeting the fundamental objectives of the OSCE: security and peace in Europe. The future of the rules-based world order and the fate of such international organisations as the OSCE will depend on our mutual response and determination not to get tired in the face of this aggression’, Chancellor Balčytytė said during the meeting held at the Office of the Government, expressing Lithuania's support for the Secretary General's ambition to revive the organisation and enable it to play a more active role when resolving crises in Europe.