Chancellor of the Government met with representatives of the International Cooperation Agency and EXPO 2025 during her visit to Japan


2022 09 26


On September 26, Chancellor of the Government Giedrė Balčytytė, who is on a working visit to Japan, met with Yamanaka Shinichi, Vice President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and other representatives of the organisation, to discuss support for Ukraine and partnership opportunities in contributing to the reconstruction of the country affected by the Russian war. Also on the same day, the Chancellor met with the organisers of EXPO 2025 and discussed the latest developments related to the preparations for the forthcoming exhibition.

At the meeting with the JICA representatives, the Chancellor invited the Agency to jointly cooperate in contributing to the reconstruction of Ukraine, as Lithuania and Japan have already had such experience, having been jointly involved in the reconstruction of the Ghor province of Afghanistan in 2010–2014.

‘Today, it is important to continue to support Ukraine's defence and humanitarian needs, and Lithuania is doing so, but many Ukrainians are facing difficulties because Russia has been destroying Ukraine's civil infrastructure. Aid aimed at rebuilding essential infrastructure – from schools and hospitals to roads and bridges – would improve the conditions for those staying in the war-affected areas and allow at least some of those who were forced to flee to return’, said Chancellor Balčytytė.

The Government of Lithuania has already allocated €10 million for immediate reconstruction works in Ukraine. This amount has been transferred to the National Bank of Ukraine. On August 24, an agreement was reached on the first bilateral reconstruction projects in Borodianka and Irpin, in the Kyiv Oblast. Their implementation has already begun and the preliminary cost of the reconstruction works amounts to €11 million.

Also on Monday, the Chancellor of the Government met with the organisers of EXPO 2025 and discussed preparations for the forthcoming exhibition in Osaka.

Having participated in every EXPO since the restoration of its independence in 1990, Lithuania is also getting ready for the next one whose main theme is “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”.

‘I am sure that at EXPO 2025, which will focus on scientific progress benefiting humans, Lithuania will be attractive and visible, and will be able to showcase, among other things, its achievements in life sciences and related fields. I also have no doubts that Japan is an excellent place to talk about the topics raised by the organisers’, said Chancellor of the Government Balčytytė.

As previously announced, the exhibition will focus on advanced life-saving initiatives in the fields of health, medicine, sustainable societies building, climate neutrality and digitalisation.

On September 27, the last day of her working visit to Japan, Chancellor Balčytytė will attend the state funeral ceremony of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.