European Bank for Reconstruction and Development representatives visited Office of the Government


2022 09 26


On September 26, First Deputy Chancellor of the Government Rolandas Kriščiūnas met with representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Board of Directors. The meeting at the Office of the Government was focused on the support for Ukraine, the impact of the Russian war and increased energy prices on European economies, and the integration of war refugees.

The First Deputy Chancellor of the Government, Mr Kriščiūnas, thanked the EBRD for their support to Ukraine and stressed the importance of continuing this support, both for the sake of Ukrainians defending their statehood and of the whole Europe, in order to achieve sustainable peace and stability on the continent.

‘It is essential to help Ukraine to achieve victory in order to have a lasting, stable peace and to preserve the world based on international law – these are necessary conditions for prosperity in Europe, which is currently feeling the effects of the Russian war and energy blackmail’, said Mr Kriščiūnas. It was noted that it is essential to remain resilient to this energy blackmail aimed at influencing Western countries' determination to support Ukraine. 

During the meeting with the EBRD representatives, the support for Ukraine by Lithuanian institutions and NGOs was presented. Such support is aimed at addressing Ukraine's defence and humanitarian needs, reconstruction of essential civilian infrastructure, and expert assistance to the country's institutions.

The EBRD Board of Directors reaffirmed their commitment to continue supporting Ukraine, also during the meeting it was noted that support will be particularly important in the upcoming cold season, which will pose additional challenges for the population of the war-affected country.