Government approves support bubbles for single people


2021 01 20


On Wednesday, with a view to improving emotional health of single people during the lockdown, the Government has provided for exceptions allowing two households to meet.

As of 21 January, two households will be allowed to meet, if one of them is no more than one adult, or one person and his or her minor children, or only minors, or a household with a person in need of constant care and nursing.

‘During the lockdown, many lonely and disabled people experience great emotional stress. Therefore, as the epidemiological situation in the country has been improving, we believe that it is very important to offer the people who live alone or care for disabled family members an opportunity to communicate. However, it is also very important for each of us to make good judgement and to assess potential risks before forming a support bubble with another household. Both households should take responsibility and undertake not to have any other contacts,’ says Ramunė Kalėdienė, member of the Governmental Advisory Council of Independent Experts and Dean of the Faculty of Public Health at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

To reduce the potential risk of infection with the coronavirus (COVID-19), such close family or household members would not be allowed to have close contact with other persons.

If a support bubble is formed with a person who falls into a risk group, it is additionally recommended to wear facemasks, maintain a distance of 2 meters, and ventilate premises at least once an hour.

Members of a support bubble would be allowed to travel from one municipality to another if they live in separate municipalities.