Government approves tighter lockdown rules


2020 12 02


The adverse epidemic coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Lithuania has necessitated further tightening of the lockdown rules by restricting the size of gatherings, banning the operation of temporary vendors in malls and supermarkets. It has also been recommended to discontinue short-term sales promotion measures to bring down visitor flows.

The Government has agreed to ban the operation of temporary vendors in shops, supermarkets and points of service, where sales are not made in physically separated premises but in common areas and passageways of malls and supermarkets. Exceptions apply to selling foodstuffs, pyrotechnic items and also to fixed vending stalls.

With the festive period fast approaching, many vendors start preparing for Christmas fairs, which as a rule take place not in physical stores but in temporary vending points, where it would be difficult to ensure a safe distance and other health requirements to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The Government has agreed to reduce the size of gatherings from five to two people in public places, points of sale and services.

It is also recommended that shops, supermarkets, marketplaces and other public points of service refrain from short-term sales promotion measures which tend to increase customer and visitor flows.