Government Chancellor: Vilnius has kept alive the spirit of the letters of Grand Duke Gediminas


2023 01 24


On the eve of the 700th birthday of Vilnius, Government Chancellor Giedrė Balčytytė addressed the international conference, Champion Cities Summit 2023, noting the spirit of Gediminas’ letters alive in the city, its openness to different cultures, embracing atmosphere, its malleability, and its multi-layered history.

‘This city has always been known as a welcoming place. Even its fortification walls were not intended to bar off others but rather to protect the cultural, religious, and national diversity, which still gives Vilnius its unique identity.

Soon, it will be year of the ongoing bloodshed in Ukraine, and I am proud of Vilnius, which has been living the special spirit of solidarity with the Ukrainians all this time. The many Ukrainian flags in Vilnius are not just a pose, but an expression of the welcoming, multi-voiced, compassionate spirit that has been important to Vilnius throughout its history,’ said Government Chancellor Balčytytė.

The Government Chancellor added that the 700th birthday of Vilnius is a great opportunity to remember the history of the capital and of the country, bring communities together, and talk about the future of Vilnius and Lithuania that we are all creating together.

In 2022, the Office of the Government allocated an earmarked funding for public sector and NGO projects intended for the preparation of the city’s forthcoming birthday. This year, the Office of the Government will contribute to the implementation of key projects and will provide an opportunity for Lithuanian schoolchildren to learn more about the history of the capital city and its modern face.

Held at the National Philharmonics, the international conference aimed to share best practices and ideas on what makes cities thrive and to discuss urban development, climate change, education, and diversity as city’s strength.