Government eases requirements for non-commercial events


2021 07 01


The Government has agreed to ease requirements for short-term (up to 2 hours) non-commercial events taking place outdoors in public spaces.

With 6 July fast approaching, a decision has been made to enable people to take part in events, including public celebrations and festive days, with no requirement for the National Certificate or registration.

As of 1 July, Lithuania has resumed the state of national emergency.  Facemasks will still be mandatory indoors in public spaces, including shopping centres, public transport, shared areas at workplace or meetings.  They will not be required when exercising or during services which require that a customer is unmasked, nor will they be needed anywhere outdoors.

To keep up the improving epidemiological situation, it is crucial to continue active vaccination efforts and call on public prudence and responsibility so as to acquire early collective immunity.