Government reimposes indoor mask mandate


2021 09 29


To strengthen COVID-19 control measures, decisions by the State Commander of National Emergency Operations, including face mask wearing indoors, will be mandatory irrespective of the National Certificate, as agreed today in Cabinet’s sitting. Furthermore, it has been agreed to issue recommendation regarding working from home both for the private and public sectors.

Following the decision, face masks will be required indoors: in trade and service provision points, institutions, companies or organisations, at work and in education, during events, etc.

The face mask requirement will not apply in the case of children under the age of six, also persons with disabilities who cannot wear it due to health condition or its wearing may adversely affect their health (it is recommended to wear a face shield instead), exercising individuals, or during service provision when it is impossible to serve a masked customer (performers, presenters, event hosts during rehearsals, video, audio recordings, broadcasts, and events, etc.).

Legal entities will be subject to detailed requirements from the Commander of Operations, they will be required to post information on mandatory face masks in visible locations, to warn unmasked visitors, refuse to serve unmasked customers, etc. 

Over the last 24 hours, 1 847 new coronavirus cases and 14 deaths have been reported in Lithuania, following Statistics Lithuania. 14-day notification rate is 656.3 cases per 100 000, and test positivity rate is 7.2%. The entire country is now in the COVID-19 black area, and nearly all the municipalities are in the black too.