Prime Minister and Ambassador of Turkey discuss bilateral cooperation


2021 03 19

Turkija Lietuva shutterstock_275303258.jpg

Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has had a remote meeting with Ambassador of Turkey Gökhan Turan to discuss bilateral relations and cooperation.

The meeting has underlined that Turkey is a NATO ally and an important partner of the EU. It has been noted that the 90th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Lithuania and Turkey had been marked the previous year, and that historical ties date back even further.

The Prime Minister has emphasised the importance of investment in defence. ‘The Lithuanian Government sees geopolitical challenges in the region. Therefore, we consistently advocate increasing investment in defence. This is important for NATO, but first it is in Lithuania’s own interests,’ said Šimonytė.

The meeting has discussed Turkey’s plans to join the NATO Baltic air-policing mission, in which Turkey’s fighters were already participating in 2006, as well as cooperation in the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence, where a Turkish expert works.

Economic relations have been talked over, and the potential for cooperation in the fields of energy, transport, science, and innovation have been stressed.