Prime Minister and the US Ambassador discuss strengthening strategic partnership


2021 01 08

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Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has had a remote meeting with Ambassador of the United States to Lithuania Robert Gilchrist, and has discussed further consolidation of the strategic partnership in the fields of security, defence, economic relations, energy, and other areas.

It has been emphasised that the present Government gives priority to relations with the United States, transatlantic ties, foreign policy, democracy, as well as matters of security and defence.

‘The strategic partnership with the United States is one of the top priorities for this Government; hence, we will seek strengthening it in all areas without exception. The key item on the agenda is support for the people of Belarus; therefore, the attention and support of the United States is particularly important,’ Prime Minister Šimonytė said.

The Prime Minister has thanked the United States for its efforts to strengthen the security of the Baltic region by deploying US troops here.

‘Lithuania is firmly committed to allocating 2 percent and more of the country’s gross domestic product to the country’s security and defence. The increased defence funding also opens up new opportunities for practical cooperation with the United States,’ said the Prime Minister.

Cooperation in the field of energy security and promotion of economic ties is also important in relations with the United States. The Prime Minister has stressed that the Government will pay special attention to the implementation of those objectives.

Support for democracy and Eastern Partnership countries, in particular the people of Belarus, is becoming an increasingly important item on the agenda; hence, cooperation with the new US administration is expected to be continued and strengthened.

Ambassador Robert Gilchrist is the 10th Ambassador of the United States to Lithuania since the Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Lithuania. He has previously served in Sweden, Estonia, Iraq, and Romania.