Prime Minister: cooperation between Lithuania and Poland is of great benefit to our countries and nations


2021 09 17


On 17 September, the second Intergovernmental Conference between the Lithuanian and Polish Governments took place in Warsaw, chaired by Prime Minister of Lithuania Ingrida Šimonytė and Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki. During the Intergovernmental Conference, the Prime Ministers have signed a Joint Declaration on Bilateral Cooperation between the two countries in priority areas.

‘The second Intergovernmental Conference of our Governments, which can already be called a nascent tradition, shows how close and dynamic the strategic partnership between Lithuania and Poland is. We are committed to strengthening it further. Cooperation between Lithuania and Poland is of great benefit to our countries and nations,’ said Prime Minister Šimonytė at the meeting with Prime Minister of Poland Morawiecki.

The Declaration stresses that the bilateral political dialogue is currently very dynamic and takes place at all levels, and that the two Governments are pleased to meet again to reinforce comprehensive cooperation between Poland and Lithuania. With the aim of tightening the relations, the two Governments encourage relevant ministries to intensify their cooperation and dialogue as well as promotion of broad interaction between their respective parliaments.

‘We are strong, since we have a shared history. The Constitution of 3 May and the Mutual Pledge of the Two Nations, to which we refer in the Joint Declaration, are the best example of this. I appreciate that we celebrate important historical dates together at joint events,’ said the Lithuanian Prime Minister.

In the Declaration, the two Governments express their belief that the experience drawn from the pandemic will strengthen their healthcare systems, and emphasise the importance of health sector to the effective functioning of the countries and societies.

In the context of the post-pandemic recovery of economies of both states, Poland and Lithuania underline the added value of the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility. Poland and Lithuania support the European Commission’s proposal concerning introduction of new instruments targeted to create a level-playing field with regard to entities benefiting from foreign subsidies on functioning of the EU Internal Market. The two Governments also commit to support cooperation in the area of scientific research and innovation as well as to promote direct cooperation between higher education institutions and public research institutes.

The Declaration emphasises strengthening the bilateral defence cooperation and enhancing interoperability of Polish and Lithuanian Armed Forces. The two Governments declare continuing close cooperation in the field of enhanced deterrence and defence of NATO by practical military cooperation covering allied commands, forces, plans, and abilities as well as coordination of national positions aimed at further development of the NATO initiatives.

In the document, the two Governments attach great importance to continuous deepening of the partnership in the area of home affairs, especially concerning migration and migration-related issues.

‘Recent events related to the influx of irregular migrants and the mutual solidarity and support shown in these circumstances have further strengthened bilateral relations. Poland and Lithuania are determined to continue, by all necessary means, their efforts to effectively protect their borders, which are also the external borders of the European Union, including by preventing and consistently combating their irregular crossing. However, measures at national level alone are no longer sufficient, new common solutions are needed at EU level. Poland and Lithuania underline the need to adapt the EU legislation and to create legal preconditions for EU Member States to respond appropriately to the deliberate instrumentalisation of irregular migration by third countries and to apply efficient, clearly defined measures that would allow Member States to act swiftly and protect both national and EU-wide security,’ reads the Declaration.

In the Declaration, both Governments declare to support the transition towards climate neutrality, at a pace reflecting domestic particularities, and assure to continue the exchange of experiences in the field of labour market in matters related to conditions for families and inclusion of people with disabilities.

Poland and Lithuania declare further cooperation in the project of synchronising the energy systems of the Baltic states with the networks of continental Europe by 2025, which is a good example of European energy solidarity and an important step in increasing the energy security of the Baltic states.

The two Governments state that it is necessary to continue cooperation in the development of the main transport connections between Poland and Lithuania, so that the Via Carpatia, Via Baltica and Rail Baltica projects are completed as soon as possible.

Poland and Lithuania declare that they support initiatives and measures aiming at combating tax fraud, evasion, and avoidance by further spreading and strengthening the practical implementation of the principles of tax good governance. The two countries are willing to continue cooperation at the EU fora with respect to matters of common interest and in particular regarding the Mobility Package I and the revision of TEN-T network, and strengthening border infrastructure linked to Suwalki corridor to ensure the security of the region. 

Appreciating the political will for a dialogue and comprehensive cooperation in various areas of common interest, both Governments encourage continuing regular mutual contacts, and seek to meet in this format on an annual basis.

The Joint Declaration in English is here.