Prime Minister extended greetings to USA on Independence Day 


2022 07 04

JAV Lietuva shutterstock_253344223.jpg

On behalf of the Government and the people of Lithuania, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė extended greetings to the United States of America celebrating the Independence Day on July 4 and wished its people well-being and prosperity. 

‘We are proud that our friendship and ever closer relations are based on shared values. The United States of America is one of Lithuania’s closest allies and a strategic partner. Today, our countries and our people stand together in defending freedom, democracy, and respect for fundamental human rights in Lithuania’s neighbourhood and beyond. We highly value the leadership of the United States in rallying all the democratic states in the fight against authoritarian regimes and provision of aid to Ukraine. We stand together with the United States and are firmly committed to supporting Ukraine until its final victory against the aggressor’, said Prime Minister Šimonytė in her message of greetings to Vice President of the USA, Kamala Harris. 

Prime Minister also expressed her gratitude to the USA for the increased US military presence in Lithuania noting their impact on the security of Lithuania, region and transatlantic community. 

According to Prime Minister, the position of the USA on Lithuanian independence during the years of the Soviet occupation and repression will never be forgotten as well. 

‘I can assure you that the Government of Lithuania will remain your trusted partner and work closely with the United States to achieve common goals for the benefit of our nations’, reads the Prime Minister’s letter.