Prime Minister extends greetings on the occasion of the Europe Day, and together with the Prime Ministers of Estonia and Latvia calls on building the common future of Europe


2021 05 09


Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė extends greetings to Lithuanian citizens and all Europeans on 9 May, the Europe Day. Today, the Prime Ministers of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have signed a joint statement stressing that Europe needs bold and visionary ideas and determination to implement them.

71 years ago, when Robert Schuman set out his vision of a united Europe, Lithuania was separated from the implementation of this vision by the Iron Curtain. However, the unwavering faith of our people in freedom, as well as perseverance and hard work, have determined that today we are equal members of a united Europe. Together with other nations, we are building and strengthening the European Union, our common home.

The challenges and crises have repeatedly shown that the source of Europe’s unity and strength is its solidarity; therefore, we need to discuss as to not only what financial and political support we can negotiate for Lithuania, but also as to what we ourselves offer to Europe. Today already, Lithuania’s consistent and principled policy on the development of freedom and democracy in the East, as well as its dynamic economic development, significantly contribute to strengthening of the European Union and its role in the world. The achievements of our country’s talents add to the advancement of European science and technology, art, and variety of ideas.

Europe will be strong if it is based on the values ​​of freedom and democracy, and if it is open to innovation and to other European nations that are ready to become members of the community.

I call on all our citizens to take the opportunity offered by the Conference on the Future of Europe to express their expectations about the European Union and thus contribute to building the Europe we want to see. I call on the citizens to take an active part in the debate on the green policies, digital transformation, education, and other areas that will determine the future of the European Union and affect our daily lives. Only by being active and creative will we ensure that the expectations of the Lithuanian people do not remain neglected, and that Europe remains strong, diverse, and solidary.

In a joint address, the Prime Ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania called on all the people, especially the citizens of the Baltic states, to actively build a common future for Europeans, and on the European Union institutions, to responsibly evaluate people’s ideas and translate them into concrete actions, thereby ensuring a prosperous future of Europe.

Full text of the joint statement is available here (in English).