Prime Minister extends greetings to the Jewish community on the occasion of Pesach


2022 04 15


Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė extends greetings to the Jewish communities in Lithuania and all over the world on the occasion of Pesach.

‘My greetings to both the Lithuanian Jewish Community and Litvaks all over the world on the occasion of Pesach!

This holiday gains a new special meaning and significance in the context of the challenges facing the world today. The story about the extraordinary Exodus, the liberation from the Egyptian slavery, became an integral part of the Jewish national identity, a source of freedom and a hopeful look towards the world. It encourages one to believe that there are no insurmountable challenges, no darkness that would not eventually recede. May the Passover Seder be the time for you to celebrate the communion and togetherness while remembering everyone who has no such opportunity because of war or other challenges. I wish you a fresh breath of hope and limitless strength, so that no clouds of misfortune would overshadow the peace and clarity in your hearts. Chag Pesach sameach—Happy Passover Holidays!’ reads Prime Minister’s letter.