Prime Minister: it is a great honour to belong to the nation of Marija Gimbutas


2021 09 22


Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has taken part in the opening of an exhibition ‘Goddesses and Warriors: 100 Years to Marija Gimbutas’ at the House of Histories of the National Museum of Lithuania.

The Head of Government was pleased to be able to participate in the opening of the exhibition dedicated to one of the most famous Lithuanian researchers. According to Šimonytė, archaeologist, anthropologist, pioneer of archaeomithology, Professor Marija Gimbutas measures up to the world’s greatest scientists.

According to Šimonytė, Gimbutas’s fields of research may seem distant historically, but it remains relevant today, as it is related to certain dilemmas, archetypes, stereotypes, and constructs of our identity, which we face in our daily lives.

‘Marija Gimbutas was deprived of her Homeland – she had never intended nor planned to leave. Even uprooted from her land, she was able to grow like an apple-tree that she was able to raise in a desert; she was able to bloom, take root firmly, and turn into one of the greatest names in world science,’ said Šimonytė.

The Prime Minister has stressed that the life and endeavours of the researcher had not been easy. Gimbutas came under fierce criticism for what she claimed and for what she tried to form as the basis of her research, yet she did not give up, did not yield, and was able to discuss with her critics with dignity. As it befits a person who believes in what they are doing.

‘It is impossible to underappreciate the merits of Gimbutas. Not just in terms of what was done, but also in terms of how it was done, and who did it. It is a great honour for me to belong to the nation of Marija Gimbutas,’ said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister has thanked all those who contributed to the organisation of the exhibition and has expressed her delight at the fact that it not only presents the activities of the researcher, but also her inspiring personality.