Prime Minister: Lithuania joins Grain from Ukraine initiative


2022 11 26


On Saturday, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė attended, as part of the visit to Kyiv, the inaugural summit ‘Grain from Ukraine’ initiated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, held on the day of the commemoration of the victims of the Holodomors in Ukraine. The Joint Statement of the parties of the summit condemned Russia’s terror destroying Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure and threatening global food security, noting the humanitarian initiative underway to ensure the smooth flow of food from Ukraine to vulnerable regions in Africa and Asia.

According to the Prime Minister, another darkest moment in world’s history is the one we commemorate today – the genocide of the Ukrainian people by the Stalinist regime through a series of artificially imposed famines. The Holodomors, in which millions of Ukrainians perished because the regime in Moscow used grain as a weapon – steeling almost entire harvest from occupied Ukraine to intentionally starve its people to death.

‘Since spring, Lithuania has been warning the world that Russia would resort to its barbaric practice of weaponizing food, again. That it would threaten to repeat Holodomors in the most vulnerable countries worldwide – with an aim to raise global stakes of Ukraine’s refusal to surrender. To make Ukraine’s partners push her towards negotiations on Russia’s terms,’ said Prime Minister.

Russia indeed stole Ukrainian grain, intentionally shelled its storages, and blocked sea gateways for Ukraine’s exports – though not yet succeeding on its grotesque plan to inflict a new artificial famine, but significantly increasing global food insecurity,’ spoke Ingrida Šimonytė noting the symbolic value and meaningfulness of the initiative by Ukraine’s President.

According to the Prime Minister, this is an opportunity to help carry through the tragic story of Holodomors to all too many people in the world who have never heard of it, and to turn our ‘Never again’ from words into concrete actions.

The Black Sea grain deal, brokered by Türkiye and the UN, is crucial in helping reduce pressure on global food supplies, said the Prime Minister, but the uncertainty and insecurity will persist until Ukraine regains full control of its lands and sea.

‘The only sustainable solution to the food insecurity inflicted by Russia is the final victory of Ukraine. Therefore, we must arm Ukraine further and faster and provide all other support to help it persevere and win. Putting an end not only to Russia’s current aggression and making sure that it cannot threaten its neighbours and the entire world, ever again,’ said Ingrida Šimonytė.

Joint Statement in English.

Prime Minister’s speech in Lithuanian and English.