Prime Minister meets Speaker of Canada’s Senate George J. Furey


2022 11 10


On Thursday, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has met with Speaker of the Senate of Canada George J. Furey and the delegation of Canadian Senators to discuss the bilateral relations, support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, the importance of strengthening NATO defence and deterrence, Canada’s contribution to the regional security of the Baltic States, and energy cooperation.

‘The bilateral relations between Lithuania and Canada are rooted in the shared democratic and freedom values, which are well reflected in our growing bilateral cooperation. The friendship between our countries is also strengthened by the large and energetic community of Lithuanians living in Canada,’ said Prime Minister Šimonytė.

The Prime Minister has thanked Canada for its decision to open its Embassy in Vilnius this year. According to the Prime Minister, this will significantly contribute to the development of the bilateral ties.

With NATO countries having agreed on strengthening defence and deterrence at the Madrid Summit, we need to consistently work to put these decisions to practice, seeing Russia as a long-term threat that continues unabated, despite its failures in Ukraine, the Prime Minister said. The changes in the security architecture necessitate NATO Alliance to consider the factor of Belarus, which is fully aligned with Russia and dependent on it.

‘We very much value Canada’s important contribution to the security of the entire Baltic region,’ said Prime Minister Šimonytė.

The parties have agreed on the need to continue to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s military aggression, including with heavy weapons, and to increase pressure on Russia, including through new sanctions, as well as with assistance to Ukrainian war refugees.

As autocratic regimes weaponize energy and other fields, closer cooperation among the democracies is key in building resilience and reducing the continued dependence on autocracies, particularly in energy, noted the Head of Government.

The Lithuanian Prime Minister has stressed that it is important to remember that it is Russia’s war that is creating the current energy challenges and causing havoc in energy prices. Though big, these are but temporary challenges, and the Kremlin’s capacity to blackmail Europe over energy is phasing out, Šimonytė said.