Prime Minister: the Green Deal is one of the key priorities of the current Government


2021 05 07


Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has taken part in the international conference Green Course 2021 in Klaipėda Castle.

‘The Green Deal is one of the key priorities of the current Government. We are glad that the specific innovative and environmentally friendly initiatives, such as the deposit-refund system, sharing economy business models, and electric vehicle development technologies are being pursued in Lithuania. The Green Deal policy initiatives provide us an opportunity to develop more sustainable businesses and to reconcile economic, social, and environmental interests’, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister has underlined that the Government in its Programme has committed to work consistently on climate change, the clean, affordable, and secure energy, circular economy, sustainable mobility, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation, pollution reduction, and sustainable investment. An ambitious Renovation Strategy 2050 has been adopted, which will aim not only to renovate 1000 apartment buildings per year, but also to include renewable, organic, and climate-neutral materials in renovation, as well as to preserve urban biodiversity through targeted investments.

The Prime Minister has stressed that the Government will shortly adopt a Climate Agenda with new targets for 2050, which will include climate change adaptation scenarios for individual sectors.

‘These are extremely significant decisions by the Government, but certainly not the only ones. We will do our utmost to achieve the objectives over the next few years that are both in line with the Green Deal and ensure greater involvement of society in decision-making. First, we will promote a circular and climate-neutral economy by laying the foundations for sustainable investment, increasing Green Public Procurement, and implementing Green Tax Reform,’ said the Prime Minister.

According to the Prime Minister, having implemented the sustainable mobility principles, having upgraded public transport, and having introduced an integrated ticket, we will make cities more sustainable, and with a better-developed and accessible infrastructure. Secure and renewable energy is highly important. To achieve energy security and reduce pollution, Lithuania has to expand the use of renewable energy sources.

The Government also plans to develop environmentally friendly agriculture and ensure the shortening of food chains and sustainable production, hence solving the problem of food waste.

The Prime Minister has underscored the necessity to ensure the protection of natural capital. The Government is committed to completing the creation of the network of protected areas and reaching a consensus on forest protection, and to paying particular attention to the protection of water resources and the Baltic Sea, as well as the conservation of biodiversity.

According to Šimonytė, today we cannot be happy about the state of the Baltic Sea. The goals set have not been achieved, and we do not have any tangible initiatives setting and implementing new goals. The Prime Minister has expressed her conviction that it is possible to tackle global challenges and discover new opportunities jointly. Therefore, the Government will encourage the countries of the Baltic Sea Region and the European Union to find effective solutions to the problem without delay.

Full text of the speech by the Prime Minister is available here