Prime Minister: the US military presence in Lithuania is a security guarantee for the whole region


2021 09 23


Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has met with Commanding General of United States Army Europe and Africa Christopher G. Cavoli. The meeting has discussed regional and global security challenges, Lithuanian-US cooperation in the field of defence and military, and the implementation of deterrence measures. The Lithuanian Prime Minister has thanked Commanding General Cavoli for the presence of US troops in Lithuania.
‘The United States is and will remain our most important ally. First and foremost – as an ally in NATO, sharing the same values. In today’s world full of challenges and threats, the cooperation of allies is very important,’ said the Lithuanian Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Šimonytė has thanked Commanding General Cavoli for the permanent rotational presence of US troops in Lithuania.

‘The presence of US troops in Lithuania and training with our troops, as well as with the troops of NATO’s enhanced forward presence battalion, is the best deterrent and a security guarantee for the whole region. Thank you for the close cooperation between the Lithuanian and US military forces, which we are determined to develop further. The Government, in its turn, will do everything to create suitable conditions for the training and life of US soldiers in Lithuania,’ said Ingrida Šimonytė.
The Prime Minister has emphasised the importance and benefit of US support for Lithuania’s capacity building. With the support of the United States, which comes not only through funds, but also through exercises and exchanges of officers, readiness of Lithuanian troops, interoperability with US forces, and the region’s capacity to deter are being enhanced.
The Prime Minister of Lithuania has emphasised that Lithuania will continue its commitments to the Allies and will contribute to ensuring the security of the Transatlantic community. Lithuania allocates 2 percent of GDP for defence spending, and 2.5 percent is planned to be allocated by 2030. Lithuania is also investing heavily in modernising its forces.

The meeting has also discussed the recent exercise Zapad, the security challenges posed by Russia and Belarus, and the global challenges facing NATO allies.