Prime Minister: this is an investment in a Lithuania we want to build


2021 01 29


The Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has attended a remote opening of a new unit of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

According to the Prime Minister, the production process that is based on the latest scientific achievements, and the faster pace of production and supply of reagents offer hope that we will be able to test and detect virus outbreaks even faster, and will accelerate the production and supply of vaccines. In addition, new jobs have been created for top-quality professionals.

‘Today I am especially pleased to talk not about the necessary restrictions and protection measures, but about the creative cooperation in science, technology, and business. Therefore, I want to thank you once again for the leadership and drive shown during this difficult period. By significantly contributing to much-needed processes, you show the best example of leadership,’ said the Prime Minister.

The new unit of Thermo Fisher Scientific has enabled the company to increase the production and supply of reagents to companies developing mRNA-based vaccines and therapies, including the COVID-19 vaccines. Production began in early December.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics employs almost 1,300 highly qualified professionals, and is one of the largest private research centres in Central and Eastern Europe.