Prime Minister’s greetings to Mette Frederiksen on her reappointment as Denmark’s Head of Government


2022 12 15

Danija Lietuva shutterstock_396266890.jpg

Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has extended greetings to Mette Frederiksen on her reappointment as Prime Minister of Denmark and on the formation of the new Government.

‘Lithuania is honoured to call Denmark a close ally and a strategic partner, with whom we enjoy ever-closer bilateral ties, strong and dynamic partnership in the European and Nordic-Baltic formats and share the same approach to the importance of a stronger cooperation regarding the regional and European security.

Lithuania highly values Denmark’s contribution to the Air Policing Mission and to NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltic states as very important in strengthening the security of our region and beyond.

Our continued unity in supporting Ukraine and strengthening the sanctions against Russia and Belarus are of utmost importance as we seek sustainable peace and Europe which is strong and not susceptible to aggressors’ blackmail. I also count on our close cooperation in responding to other challenges posed by authoritarian regimes to democratic countries and believe in our joint commitment to further strengthen the NATO Alliance and build a peaceful and secure future for the Nordic-Baltic region and the whole European continent.

I have no doubts regarding the continued successful cooperation between Lithuania and Denmark and our common efforts to build a strong and secure future of the Nordic-Baltic region,’ reads Prime Minister’s message of greetings.