Prime Ministers of Lithuania and Denmark discuss the need to step up assistance to Ukraine and regional security


2022 03 31


Earlier today, on 31 March, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has met with Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen to discuss the security situation in Europe, assistance to Ukraine fighting Russia’s aggression, also to Ukrainian people fleeing the war, the need to tighten sanctions on Russia and Belarus, and strengthen NATO security measures, also the bilateral cooperation in the fields of defence, economy and energy independence. 

The Lithuanian Prime Minister has emphasized that Ukraine is fighting not only for its own freedom and democratic values but also for those Europe and of the entire world to that matter. 

‘We do not see any signs of Russia’s sincere wish to negotiate. We therefore must judge the Kremlin regime not by words but by deeds’, said the Prime Minister. 

According to the Prime Minister, it is particularly important that all the EU and NATO countries continue to closely coordinate and provide all possible assistance to Ukraine and to tighten sanctions on Russia and Belarus—an accomplice in this war. 

Lithuania is for the harshest. It is also important to adjust the current sanctions so as to prevent circumventions. The Prime Minister has pointed out the need for the entire EU to say no to energy imports from Russia as soon as possible and has emphasised how important it is to start talking about Ukraine’s reconstruction without delay, stressing that Russia, as the perpetrator of the war, must bare full financial responsibility for it. Russia and Belarus and their leaders must be held accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

The Prime Ministers have discussed Lukashenka’s hybrid attack through flows of irregular migrants on Lithuania and the EU, China’s challenge to a rules-based world order and EU’s single market. 

Denmark and Lithuania have enjoyed a very close cooperation and friendship. The Prime Minister has expressed gratitude for Denmark’s significant and constant attention to the security in the region. Denmark continues among Lithuania’s key trading partners and largest investors. Efforts will be made to keep up the momentum.