Prime Minster: let’s celebrate the Lithuanian Unity Day all over the world


2021 07 17


Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė is sending her greetings to all Lithuanians on the World Lithuanian Unity Day. 

‘This is a special day for us to celebrate our unity. Unique as we are individually, we share communion that helps us feel at home wherever we may be. I firmly believe that the diversity of us all should not be seen as a problem but rather as an asset and great potential, the value of which has become particularly evident in the light of the current challenges. This Government is determined to cooperate closely with our compatriots all across the world. We are always happy to welcome you back home, but we also want to cooperate with all of you settled elsewhere and caring about our country’, says the Prime Minister. 

According to the Prime Minister, a referendum on multiple citizenship is in store for us all, and that more efforts need to be taken to strengthen Lithuanian schools and to make suitable arrangements for welcoming all those willing to return to Lithuania. 

‘Despite all the challenges, let us rejoice that we have great history, which is a source of our strength and inspiration. The flight of Darius and Girėnas, connecting America and Europe, is a symbol of courage and sacrifice for the Homeland, which is important for many generations. Today, we can boast of new stories about talents, diligence and innovations offered by Lithuanians from all around the world. As we celebrate the World Lithuanian Unity Day, let us learn to focus more on what unites rather than separates us. In the name of that Lithuania!’, reads Prime Minister’s message of greetings.