Students will be temporarily allowed to test less frequently, and access will be enabled to public transport for all


2021 09 08


Pupils non-holders of the National Certificate will have access to all public transport, and students will be able to test less frequently, as agreed by the Cabinet of the Ministers earlier today.

The previously adopted requirement for a mandatory National Certificate on public transport enforceable as of 13 September has been amended to also provide access to public transport for non-holders of the National Certificate. The amendment is relevant for post-16 pupils, particularly those travelling to educational institutions such as non-formal education schools in other areas.

Higher education students and those in continuous vocational training who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 and have no record of past infection will be required to test every 7-10 days instead of previous every 48 hours to be able to continue contact studies. The easing of the requirements will apply until 15 October. Contact classes in continuous vocational training and higher education will then be accessible only for National Certificate holders, all other students will have to study online.

Please also note that you will now be able to obtain the National Certificate also after a rapid SARS-CoV-2 antigen test for COVID-19.