Government approves 10 million euros in aid for Ukraine's rebuilding needs


2022 07 11

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On Monday, during the Cabinet meeting, the Government approved 10 million euros in aid by Lithuania to Ukraine for urgent rebuilding works in the country devastated by the war that Russia is waging. 

‘The Russia's war against Ukraine continues, forcing millions of Ukrainians to become refugees and those who remain in the country to endure the deprivations caused by the war. Despite this, many Ukrainians are seeking to return to their homeland or have already done so. This government aid is funds for critical infrastructure, basic needs and essential services. The Ukrainians will prevail because the truth and the determination to defend and to build is on their side and they outweigh the aggressor's destruction and brutality. By helping Ukraine, we aim to speed up the victory and rebuilding of the country as much as possible’, said Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė. 

The Government's aid will be transferred to the National Bank of Ukraine. 

Prime Minister Šimonytė announced this financial aid on 4–5 July, during the international Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano, Switzerland, where the issues of aid to Ukraine in order to accelerate the rebuilding of the country and the elimination of the consequences of the war launched by Russia were discussed, by linking these processes to the Ukraine's reform agenda. 

The 10 million euro aid approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on Monday comes from the funds borrowed on behalf of the state and foreseen in the Ministry of Finance's public finance management programme, which includes the Lithuania's support for development cooperation initiatives.