Prime Minister: value-based principles and endless creativity are what make a European


2022 05 10


Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has joined the Europe Day celebration event, where she discussed the role of youth in shaping the future of Europe and of Lithuania.

‘A vision for the future of Lithuania—the New Generation Lithuania—was formulated by the Government way before the murderous orc invasion of Ukraine. It is obvious today that we will have to decide after the war as to what the next generation Europe we want, and the voice of young people will definitely count here’, said the Prime Minister.

The Head of Government has noted that the word Europe is not only the description of a territory but also a set of values: respect for human dignity and individuality; the principle of the rule of law, where we are all equal before the law, where we respect mutual agreements and have transparent mechanisms for making and changing laws. And most importantly, we are all committed to upholding and defending these principles and values.

Evil rampaging nearby is threatening Europe, and it is Ukraine that finds itself at the frontline defending European and common human values, devoid of which the European Union would not be what it is today.

According to Ingrida Šimonytė, the principles of sustainability and longevity have been gaining ever greater relevance in harnessing an increasingly consumerist or even predatory approach to the world around us.

According to the Prime Minister, it depends primarily on the younger generation whether all these principles will become the ownership of the next generation Europe. European identity is more about endless creation than a specific gene. It can be said that this is the fate of Europe to stay vigilant for barbaric attacks. European civilization has always strongly emphasized the importance of education, upbringing, and critical thinking.

‘I am very moved by how young people in Lithuania react to the tragedy in Ukraine. They show real compassion and solidarity. Personally, this gives me great confidence about the hopeful future of both Lithuania and Europe in general. And the future of the European Union is inconceivable without Ukraine, Moldova, or the Western Balkans.

My greetings go to all those present here and let us not forget the wisdom of Edmund Burke: ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ So don’t be passive, lukewarm, or complacent. Слава Україні!’, wished the Prime Minister.